Foundation and stabilization structures

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We are expert in services that resolve geotechnical problems such as, retaining walls, slope stabilization, depth foundation, drainage, cement grouting and geotechnical monitoring.

We develop solutions to work in delimited spaces, such as basements with limited height, and in places with difficult accessibility using solutions for stabilization of inaccessible slopes. This type of work requires transport of equipment to remote areas, the need for alpinists and the need for equipment that self-raise in height.

Within this activity the services we provide are:

- Geotechnical monitoring: inclinometers, extensometers, piezometers, load cells;
- Micropiling;
- Retaining walls;
- Rockfall – Drapery Mesh;
- Shotcreat;
- Slope stabilization;
- Soil anchors;
- Soil nailing;
- Soil cement grouting.

In this group is included the activity directly related with the execution of depth foundations, retaining walls, slope stabilization and monitoring of geotechnical structures behaviour.