Offshore geotechnical surveys

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GEOMA has survey geotechnical  Jack-up platforms with supporting piles up to 33m high, enabling us to operate in near shore deep waters and adjustable foundations to sandy as well as muddy grounds.

We develop offshore  geotechnical  surveys in maritime environment by using Jack Up  maritime barges.
We develop these surveys in any sort of maritime environment - rivers, rivers estuaries and open sea, facing adverse and complex conditions such as strong currents, strong winds, waves and soft sea bed.

Developed and optimised internally, our jack up barges are modular, allowing easy mobilization to anywhere in the world. They are prepared and equipped to perform any sort of geotechnical test and sampling in rocks, soils, maritime environments, specifically:

- Bathymetric survey;
- CPTu testing, dissipation testing, seismic and magnetic cone;
- Geophysics, refraction and seismic;
- Geotechnical boreholes, drilled with auguers or samplers continuous in soils and rocks, with SPT testing and undisturbed samples collecting;
- Laboratory testing in soils and rocks;
- Menard pressuremeter testing, Marchetti and dilatometer;
- Physical and chemical analysis in soils and water;
- Resistivity and Gamma ray measure in boreholes;
- Trial Pits;
- UXO survey;
- Vane test;
- Vibracoring sampling.