Mission, Vision and Values

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Our mission is to assist companies worldwide by helping them achieve successfully, efficiently and within budget their projects and geotechnical challenges.  This is  the basis of Geoma’s essence and charater and  the main goal of our organization.

With a unique and innovate stamp, it is our ambition to become a leading brand with a global presence and that our geotechnical and geological services are renowned in the industry by its excellency.
It is our aim not only  to be recognised at all times as providers of exceptional services of outstanding performance, but also  to win the trust of our staff and clients.

We envision the future of our organisation with optimist and trust, we believe that we follow management practices and implement decisions that lead to sustainable growth, dynamic and consistent development.

We believe in the power of our people within our organisation. We not only seek to constantly update both our staff knowledge and skills but also staff´s continuous growth by incentivising their development and creativity through the promotion of regular trainings and the attendance of vocational courses.

We highly value and promote not only technological development but also innovation of our organisation, services and equipment. We seek to invest in exclusive and differentiated know how.


Our organisation is oriented and shaped by the following moral and ethical principles:

  • Promotion of  the development of innovative technics and solutions
  • Managerial attitude and dynamism
  • Win the trust and admiration of our Staff and Clients
  • Promotion of human´s capital, value and well being
  • Ethical, transparent and independent relationships
  • Sustainability, firmness and financial accuracy