Geotechnical surveys

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For the most varied engineering projects such as roads, train lines. bridges and viaducts, ports and airports, earth embankments and buildings foundations.

We operate in a vast array of engineering and construction project types, as well as at different scales of works.

We collect information and geological-geotechnical parameters that are essential for an efficient development of engineering projects.  We have our own equipment, qualified staff and solid experience to develop and accomplish any type of geotechnical surveys and its results in a comprehensive and clear way.

Amongst all the services we perform, we develop the following services:

- Borehole video inspections and logging;
- CPTu testing, dissipation testing, seismic and magnetic cone;
- Down the hole testing;
- Dynamic penetrometer testing, DCP, PDL, DPSH;
- Geophysics, refraction and seismic;
- Geotechnical boreholes, drilled with auguers or samplers continuous in soils and rocks, with SPT testing and undisturbed samples collecting;
- Hydrological and hydrogeological analysis;
- Menard pressuremeter testing, Marchetti and dilatometer;
- Physical and chemical analysis in soils and water;
- Piezometers installation and monitoring;
- Resistivity and Gamma ray measure in boreholes;
- Surface geotechnical survey;
- Trial Pits;

- Vane test.